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    Personal Addiction Counseling

    If you can relate to any of the below symptoms or behaviors, it may be time to consider addiction counseling:

    • Feeling the need to drink or use your drug of choice regularly
    • Having intense urges to drink or use
    • Over time, needing to consume more alcohol or use the drug more frequently in order to experience the effects
    • Putting extensive efforts in place to ensure that you always have access to alcohol or your drug of choice
    • Not meeting obligations and work responsibilities; feeling guilty after drinking or using drugs
    • Doing things you wouldn’t normally do to get the substance, such as stealing or maxing out your credit card
    • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using alcohol or drugs. Note: hangovers are symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
    • Inability to cut back your drinking or quit using your drug of choice despite having a desire to do so

    Nobody chooses to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. And recovery is not as simple as choosing to stop drinking or using. True recovery involves much more than just abstinence. Treatment today goes beyond the stereotypical AA/NA meeting. Though 12-step groups are helpful for many, there are additional methods for addressing substance abuse, including medication-assisted treatment, harm reduction, and virtual support groups. Many people experiencing addiction are also battling depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or effects of past trauma. Through education and evidence-based practices, Mind Refined will help heal all parts of you.